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Here Comes Santa Claus


In my blog about our family trip to the tree farm, I mentioned how important it is for me to make sure I slow down during the holiday season to spend time with my family and keep up some of our favorite traditions, and start a few new ones. The littles are at such fun ages right now! It’s so much fun to experience the magic of Christmas through their eyes.

This weekend we slowed it all the way down to make plenty of time for my (and the kids, of course) favorite tradition – baking cookies for Santa. OK, let’s be honest, it was also a great excuse to bake these Please & Thank You chocolate Chip cookies. Y’all, they are seriously to-die. I also got to break out this precious new Santa Milk & Cookie set, available at Dress & Dwell!

This baking with little ones business may sound cute, but let’s just say thanks to Ada, there was more flour on my kitchen counter than in the mixing bowl. Good thing she’s cute! We also wrote letters to Santa. Ada is still too young to really grasp how the whole St. Nick gift thing works, but spoiler alert, this  shoe-loving little girl is getting dress up clothes. Now, Finn, he gets it. He is literally obsessed with reading toy catalogues, and asked Santa for a very specific fire truck from his stack of catalogues. During our trip to visit Santa, I heard him ask Santa for a Paw Patrol Rider. OK, buddy, we’ll see what Santa can do!

Dolls, it doesn’t matter how much flour is on my kitchen counter (and seriously maybe even the ceiling) or how many trips to the store to update “Santa’s list” I have to make…Christmas only comes once a year and they’re only little once!

From my family to yours, Dolls, I wish the very merriest Christmas.

Xoxo, Amanda

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