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That Self Care Style

DD Self Care

2019 is all about self-care. We’re signing up for morning spin classes, drinking celery juice, putting in major time on the Headspace app, jade rolling like there’s no tomorrow and making bubble baths(and wine) a regular occurrence. Well, Dolls, there’s something that I feel the self-care movement left out, and it just so happens to be the thing I’m the most passionate about – style! We all know that if you look good, you feel good. But an amazing outfit can do so much more than that!

We’ve all had those mornings. You can barely get it together to drag yourself out of bed, let alone imagine tackling your to-do list. Y’all I had a major case of this just last week. It’s almost like my yoga pants were winking at me they seemed so inviting. But, I knew the day I had ahead of me was not one that a ball cap and comfy clothes were fit for. So, I rallied. I went deep in my closet and pulled together a few of my favorite pieces for a look I loved and felt great in. Dolls, instant mood boost! I felt empowered and confident. That feeling trickled into every other aspect of my day! It may seem insignificant, but taking control of your appearance, also means taking control of your mood.

The D&D Dolls and I got together to give you a few simple tips for how to curate a closet full of looks that will make you feel empowered and ready to take on any situation. You can read them here!

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