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Feeling Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Dolls. I was recently asked to provide for a lifestyle newsletter my tips for styling the color green. It really made me think just how much I 1. Absolutely live for the color green! 2. Just adore St. Patrick’s Day! Literally y’all, it might be my favorite holiday. For me it goes back to my Chicago days. Last year when Ada’s first birthday lined up with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, my party planning momma vibes went into full on green overdrive. We had her party on a rooftop at Bardtown Road overlooking the parade. Dolls, it was so much fun that I didn’t let the fact that there was no birthday to celebrate stop me from getting a small parade together again this year.

Now, back to green. For me, green is totally the unsung hero of the spring color palette. The Pantone color of the year is coral, and it was my color a couple years back, but for me, I say Kelly green is the color this year! It’s such a vibrant and versatile color. There can be something almost nostalgic about the hue, yet at the same time it’s a really fresh, modern and powerful color. You also can’t forget that there is something kind of unexpected about green!

I know I’m not alone in this, because every time we get green in stock at Dress & Dwell, it sells out extremely fast! I think there can be a little bit of “blend-timidation” with green – people don’t know exactly what to pair it with, but it’s deceptively easy to incorporate it into your look! I love green with neutral stripes – like black and white or black and navy. Of course we all know that Easter is a huge deal in the South and I think that might be where my inspiration for mixing pink and green comes from! Those two tones together just scream spring/summer to me! I mentioned that green can feel unexpected, and I think that really applies best to using it as a bold and fun pop up color via accessories.

Go Green, Dolls!

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