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Off To The Races!

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Ok Dolls, you might have caught on to this by now. I have a tendency to call every holiday or event my absolute favorite. What can I say? This girl loves a good reason to get dressed up and celebrate. But, I mean it this time when I say derby season is my absolute favorite time of year!! It’s hard for me to imagine living somewhere that “Derby Season” isn’t the unofficial fifth season of the year! I love the elegance of it, the excitement and the sense of tradition. I will take absolutely any excuse to wear a giant, gorgeous fascinator (only HEADCANDI will do, obviously) and a glamorous cocktail dress in the middle of the day!

Pulling together track looks is one of my fav looks to style! Well, Dress & Dwell just launched our 2019 Derby Look Book, and from the response, clearly it’s not just me! Everyone wants to get glam, pick a favorite pony and sip on mint juleps! And who can blame you? This look book was a dream to put together! Our team had a blast with this one…as if you can tell by the pic below. Living my best life for the derby, y’all!

I would love to help you create a darling derby moment! This is the perfect time to schedule a styling session. Let’s play derby day dress up and have a mint julep at Dress & Dwell’s cocktail bar, Dolls!

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